Monday, August 13, 2012

The next Audition for American idol is on Iowa City

on Friday, the american idol is expected to roll into Bowling Green. The popular reality music television has a Tour Bus and made a stop in Fort Dodge. The American idol Auditions will be at Hubbard Park Iowa City on Tuesday night.

American idol tour bus

Producers didn't want people from different city to audition from Iowa City, they want the talent coming from the local city.

According to news
"They want the talent to be from our local community," she said. "They don’t want it to be stretched over people that have already gone to the major cattle calls in the larger cities. The reason for this bus tour is they want to come into the hearts of these communities and get local talent to come and audition."

"American Idol" representatives contacted the CVB after they’d already chosen Iowa City as a stop on their bus tour, and Haman said she helped pick out a spot for the auditions. They landed on Hubbard Park because it’s an "iconic" Iowa City scene, especially with the Old Capitol as the backdrop and downtown nearby, she said.

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