Sunday, September 16, 2012

Anti Epal - Mandaluyong City Philippines

Mandaluyong City Epals
City Mayor, Benhur Abalos
Congressman: Boyet Gonzalez
Barangay Captain: Dodo Rugay

Boyet Gonzalez, Benhur Abalos, Dodo Rugay

Monday, August 13, 2012

The next Audition for American idol is on Iowa City

on Friday, the american idol is expected to roll into Bowling Green. The popular reality music television has a Tour Bus and made a stop in Fort Dodge. The American idol Auditions will be at Hubbard Park Iowa City on Tuesday night.

American idol tour bus

Producers didn't want people from different city to audition from Iowa City, they want the talent coming from the local city.

According to news
"They want the talent to be from our local community," she said. "They don’t want it to be stretched over people that have already gone to the major cattle calls in the larger cities. The reason for this bus tour is they want to come into the hearts of these communities and get local talent to come and audition."

"American Idol" representatives contacted the CVB after they’d already chosen Iowa City as a stop on their bus tour, and Haman said she helped pick out a spot for the auditions. They landed on Hubbard Park because it’s an "iconic" Iowa City scene, especially with the Old Capitol as the backdrop and downtown nearby, she said.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pampanga, Philippines


Pampanga is one of the progressive and richest provinces of the Philippines and it is located in the Central Luzon region. It is subdivided into 20 municipalities and cities. The capital of this province is the City of San Fernando Pampanga. It is classified as a first-class, highly urbanized city and has a government independent of Pampanga. This province is declared as the culinary capital of the Philippines.


Pampanga has a great economy. The two main industries of this province are farming and fishing and their major products are rice, corn, sugar cane, and tilapia. They also had known thriving cottage industry that specialized in wood carving, guitars, handi crafts and furniture making. They are known of making parols during December. Pampanga is famous for its sophisticated culinary industry.


Pampanga is known for its beautiful views and hospitable people. They have many places that you can visit that you would not forget. Some o f these are: Mt. Arayat National Park in San Juan Bano, Arayat that has a natural park, complete with clean swimming pools recreational halls and picnic huts and natural spring water that fall from the mountains; Scenic Candaba Swamps in Candaba, it has a bird sanctuary and a haven for bird watchers, thousands of wild ducks migrate here during winter in China. Pampanga has also man made attractions such as: Paskuhan Village in San Fernando, Pampanga first of tis kind in Asia and it has all the elements of traditional Filipino heritage. It is declared to be a major trade and tourism center of the country; Permanent Village Garden in Paskuhan Village, it is featuring the world’s best kinds of tropical plants and flowers; Pampanga Agricultural College in Magalang, it is ideally located at the scenic foothills of Mt. Arayat. Swimming pools and conference pavilion were developed by the Philippine Tourism Authority.


Pampanga are very proud to their variety of foods. Duman is one of their best foods. It is made out of malagkit rice or it may just be plain green rice or even unpopped pinipig. And they have the best Duman Kalamay; it is the same with the Duman.

Friday, May 4, 2012

La Union, Philippines


This province is located in the region of Ilocos. Its capital is Fernando City; it is subdivided in 19 municipalities and 1 city. La Union is highly literate, San Fernando City as the administrative, educational, and financial center of the region.


La Union is known for its beautiful places and its breath taking views. Many visitors are visiting here in La Union to see themselves the beauty of the natural formations of this province. They have the San Juan Beach it is ideal for amateur surfing during November until February; Bauang Beach known for its grayish sand; Canaoay Pagudpud Beach ideal for swimming and picnics; Agoo-Damortis National Seashore Park it is declared as a national park and it is proposed for development as a tourist destination of this province.


This province is also celebrating festivals like the other provinces. They have the Feast of Our Lady of Caysasay it is a time to give importance to Filipino balikbayans. They celebrating this feast every December; Agoo Semana Santa during the Holy Week, the town people of Agoo come up with religious activities to make the occasion more meaningful and sacred; San Fernando City Fiesta The city of San Fernando is the center of festivities on February 6 to 12 to honor St. William, the Hermit And also they have the Rambak.


La Union proud to be present their native and delicious delicacy which is the Bibingkang Galapong. It is made out of ganta glutinous rice or the sticky rice, grated young coconut, coconut cream and brown sugar which is the two of this is the toppings.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bohol, Philippines

Bief history

Although people have been living on Bohol long before Magellan reached the islands that are now the Philippines, our records start here, and about the events before that time, little is known, and has to be carefully reconstructed from cultural and oral traditions. It has 1 component city, 47 municipalities with 1109 barangays. Tagbilaran is the capital of this province. It is consisting bohol islands and other 74 islands. Bohol is the tenth largest islands of the country


Bohol is the most favorite destination of the tourist with its amazing beaches and resorts.
 The most popular attraction is the chocolate hills. It is located at the town of Carmen.
 Also panglao islands, it is popular in diving locations and it is listed as a top ten diving locations in the world.
Philippine tarsier considered the2nd smallest primate in the world.
Dauis Church is located in the town of Dauis. It is one of the beautiful churches of Bohol.The patron saint, the Virgin of the Assumption, is believed to possess miraculous powers. It is the object of the faithful.
Anda Beach is a beach with white sand and it is known for its cleanliness.
Bay Watch is known for scuba diving and noted for the presence of famous white sharks.
This are some of the beautiful spot of Bohol but it has more spot that you can visit.


This province has known for their different festivals such as:
Ubi festival, it shown theis respect for the plants. It is represents the ubi crop.
 Sandugo festival it shows the culminates with the re-enactment of the blood compact between Datu Sikatuna and Don Miguel Lopez De Legazpi.
Bohol Fiestas , they celebrating this every May. This is also time of the family reunions and to keep in touch in your loved ones.
Bolibong Kingking Festival , it is a dance and music festivity. They performed in the front of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
 And Sambat Mascaray Regatta Festival it is celebrated in honor of Loay town's second patron, St. Francis Xavier.

Bohol’s Delicacies

Bohol has there delicious delicacies some of these are:
Peanut kisses, made out of peanuts and eggs. It is shaped like a miniatures chocolate hills.
Calamay, it is a concoction of glutinous rice, sugar, coconut milk and some peanuts.
Broa (Lady Fingers) a cookies native from Baclayon.
Bibingka, it is made out of rice flour sugar, butter and coconut milk.
Torta , in Bohol you can taste one of the best-tasting tortas in the country. Torta means “cake” in Spanish. It is soft, fluffy, moist and easy to swallow.
Biko , it is made of glutinous rice, coconut milk, sugar (latik).
Maruya (Banana Flitters), it is made out of Saba bananas, dipped in a sticky mixture, fried and then rolled in sugar, it is perfect for everyday snacks and healthy too.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beautiful Place of Zambales


Zambales is one of the progressive provinces here in the Philippines. Zambales came from the word “zambal” which refers to the language spoken by the early Austronesian inhabitants of the place. It is also derived from the word “samba” which means “worship”. This province is subdivided in 13 municipalities and 1 city which is the Olongapo City. They are celebrating Zambales Day every August 30.


Zambales has there beautiful beaches. Many visitors are coming back to this place because of its amazing beaches. Fresh air, clean water and more activities that you may enjoy. Some of these beaches are Capones Vista Resort perfect for a beach wedding with the romantic scenery and you will get close to the nature. Punta De Uian Beach Resort and Spa, it is a paradise resort and there are many activities in the range of water. White Rock Zambales Beach Resort. Anghalo Falls which is the ideal to swimming and picnics. Capons Islands is ideal place for boating and fishing. Magalawa Island ideal for fishing and picnics


Zambales have their some foods that are good and delicious. Some of these are Bon Appetit, Bagnet which is made out of chicharon and chili. Ginipang it is a native delicacy made out of dried rice grains and this is the favorite pasalubong of visitors to their families. Pastillas which made out of carabao milk and it tastes delicious. And also they have the Botolan candy which is sweet.


Zambales has there beautiful festivals such as: Binabayani festival they celebrated it every November 30. It is a war dance between Christians and Aetas. The people believe that, by dancing the binabayani festival they are assured with the bountiful harvest. Dinamulag Mango festival is a celebration that revolves around Zambales and mangoes that are considered the sweetest mangoes in the Philippine archipelago and last but not the least the Paynaunen festival commemorates the provincial capital.