Friday, May 4, 2012

La Union, Philippines


This province is located in the region of Ilocos. Its capital is Fernando City; it is subdivided in 19 municipalities and 1 city. La Union is highly literate, San Fernando City as the administrative, educational, and financial center of the region.


La Union is known for its beautiful places and its breath taking views. Many visitors are visiting here in La Union to see themselves the beauty of the natural formations of this province. They have the San Juan Beach it is ideal for amateur surfing during November until February; Bauang Beach known for its grayish sand; Canaoay Pagudpud Beach ideal for swimming and picnics; Agoo-Damortis National Seashore Park it is declared as a national park and it is proposed for development as a tourist destination of this province.


This province is also celebrating festivals like the other provinces. They have the Feast of Our Lady of Caysasay it is a time to give importance to Filipino balikbayans. They celebrating this feast every December; Agoo Semana Santa during the Holy Week, the town people of Agoo come up with religious activities to make the occasion more meaningful and sacred; San Fernando City Fiesta The city of San Fernando is the center of festivities on February 6 to 12 to honor St. William, the Hermit And also they have the Rambak.


La Union proud to be present their native and delicious delicacy which is the Bibingkang Galapong. It is made out of ganta glutinous rice or the sticky rice, grated young coconut, coconut cream and brown sugar which is the two of this is the toppings.

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