Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beautiful Place of Zambales


Zambales is one of the progressive provinces here in the Philippines. Zambales came from the word “zambal” which refers to the language spoken by the early Austronesian inhabitants of the place. It is also derived from the word “samba” which means “worship”. This province is subdivided in 13 municipalities and 1 city which is the Olongapo City. They are celebrating Zambales Day every August 30.


Zambales has there beautiful beaches. Many visitors are coming back to this place because of its amazing beaches. Fresh air, clean water and more activities that you may enjoy. Some of these beaches are Capones Vista Resort perfect for a beach wedding with the romantic scenery and you will get close to the nature. Punta De Uian Beach Resort and Spa, it is a paradise resort and there are many activities in the range of water. White Rock Zambales Beach Resort. Anghalo Falls which is the ideal to swimming and picnics. Capons Islands is ideal place for boating and fishing. Magalawa Island ideal for fishing and picnics


Zambales have their some foods that are good and delicious. Some of these are Bon Appetit, Bagnet which is made out of chicharon and chili. Ginipang it is a native delicacy made out of dried rice grains and this is the favorite pasalubong of visitors to their families. Pastillas which made out of carabao milk and it tastes delicious. And also they have the Botolan candy which is sweet.


Zambales has there beautiful festivals such as: Binabayani festival they celebrated it every November 30. It is a war dance between Christians and Aetas. The people believe that, by dancing the binabayani festival they are assured with the bountiful harvest. Dinamulag Mango festival is a celebration that revolves around Zambales and mangoes that are considered the sweetest mangoes in the Philippine archipelago and last but not the least the Paynaunen festival commemorates the provincial capital.