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Aurora is located in the Central Luzon region of the

Philippines. Baler is its capital. It was a part of Quezon province before 1979. Aurora was named after, Maria Aurora Aragon, the wife of the former president, Pres. Manuel L. Quezon.


The people of Auora are Ilocano, kapampangan and most of them are tagalongs. There are also negritos, called, Dumagats. Most of them lived in hillsides or mountains. They usually survived from fishing and hunting.

AURORA’S Source of Income

Like the other provinces, Aurora, has a fine economy. They are proud to have lots of corn crops, rice, and other major agricultural crops. These crops are usually imported to other provinces as well as, to other countries.


Aurora is subdivided into 8 municipalities: Baler; Casiguran; Dilasag; Dinalungan; Dingalan; Dipaculao; Maria Aurora and; San Luis. Each municipality has several barangays to help the municipality improve. Despite the number of the municipalities that Aurora has, Aurora is still one of the best provinces of the Philippines.

Tourism and Adventure

Aurora is blessed with several tourist attractions. It has its share of historical sights, cultural and religious events, and nature areas and beaches. These are: Doña Aurora memorial shrine; Aurora Quezon Marker; Baler Catholic Church; Lt. Commander James Gilmore Marker; Lt. Commander James Gilmore Marker; Lt. Commander James Gilmore Marker; Quezon House; Quezon Memorial Park; Moro- Moro Zarsuela; Santo Entierro; Ermita Hill; Ampere Beach; Aniao Islets; Balete Park & Millenium Tree; Banju Springs; and many more.

When you are in Aurora, you can have fun by the adventures like: Snorkeling, you can enjoy the myriad forms of coral and undersea life; Scuba Diving, you can generally discover fine diving points on your own; Surfing, Aurora is known for surfers; Mountain Climbing and Nature Trekking, the province is a prime spot for mountain climbing and nature trekking.

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