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Palawan, Philippines

Brief History

Palawan is paradise, sanctuary to an awesome variety of fauna and flora found nowhere else in the world. It is blessed with incredibly amazing landscapes that astound even the tourists. It is the largest province here in the Philippines. It is surrounded by many islands that composed of 1,768 islands.


Here in the Philippines, Filipinos are known to be hospitable. They share the best of what they have. People here in Palawan are hospitable, they offers a variety accommodations. They are honest and genuine and also hardworking people where they love their work and being true to the visitors.


Palawan is a good place to visit and hangout because of its paradise wonder. We have the St. Paul National Park is Palawan's most popular attraction and covers 5,349 hectares of lush forest. , Tubbataha Reefs National Marine Park is the country's biggest marine habitat. It hosts giant manta rays and hundreds of reef fish species. We also have the Mt. St. Paul flows the Underground River, the deep recesses of the marble and limestone peaks and it is said to be the longest in the world. Beautiful caves like the Tabon Cave which is known as the habitation site in Southeast Asia We have also the Monkey Trail, a series of wooden paths that winds into the forest where monkeys, squirrels, and many species that found inside this park. The Park is inscribed in the World Heritage List. All this places have a breath taking views.


Every places has their different products and Palawan Has many Products that can be proudly present to the other people or country. They have souvenirs and handicrafts that you can share or you can make it a present to your friends or to you family. Banana or sometimes they called it saba, lemon that found in South Palawan and many more. Some of these products are exported in other countries


One of the popular unique delicacies that people can enjoy in the Philippines is the local favorite called tamilok. Tamilok is a mollusk not a worm and this can be found in the mangrove of the trees.The experience of being able to have a taste of tamilok delicacy in Palawan is truly one of a kind and memorable because it has amazing taste. They also have the Suman y Cuyunon which is made out of purple rice, water, sugar, coconut milk, pandan leaves and lemon rind.

Suman y Cuyunon

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