Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Catanduanes, Philippines


It is an Island province of the Philippines. Virac is the capital of this Province. It has 11 municipalities and 315 barangays. Catanduanes came from the word “tandu” Which means a native beetle and “samdong” tree. It is recognized as a separate and independent province from Albay. Many people find Catanduanes as a peaceful and sacured.


Catanduanes celebrated their folk festival as part of the religious rituals. They learned it from the Spanish Colonozation. These festivals are: Dinahit Festival, it is a festival of pandan and it is celebrated every April. Dinahit is a native sailing vessel. There are activities in this festival such as: street dancing, beauty pageant, and different races like carabao and boat race. Calvary, they celebrated during Holy Week, Kangharong, is a native depiction of nativity, Pantomina, it is a purely a native dance, Padayao sa Tinampo, it is also a native dance presented in street dancing. And lastly the Sugbo festival, it is celebrated every May to promote the tiger grass.


Catanduanes is one of the beautiful provinces in the Philippines. It has good spot where can tourist visit. This included the Puraran Beach; it is a majestic beach because of its whitesand and clean water. And also this is the site of surfing. Mamangal Beach, it is also like the puraran beach, the sands also are white and it has cool and sandy trees. Toytoy Beach it is good for picnic happenings. Igang Beach it has beautiful coral reefs, also white and clean beach. Suboc Beach it has amazing view. Dororian Resort it has natural cascading water. Maribina Waterfalls ideal for picnics, hiking, diving, and swimming. Nahulugan Falls it is surrounded by the forest. Marilima Beach is good for spear fishing.


Catanduanes is has their products that can proudly present. They use to export these products to other countries to earn money for their living. One of these is the pili nut it is nutritious and delicious. People make this as a chocolate. They have abbaca and lasa. Native products are made out of abaca like bags, lamps and many more.

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