Monday, April 23, 2012

Baguio City

Brief History

Baguio City is one of the beautiful cities of the Philippines. This city became the summer capital of the Philippines. It is a highly urbanized city of the Philippines. Baguio came from the word “bagiw” in Ibaloi. This city has 129 barangays.


Baguio City has a good economy. It has more or less 8 universities and colleges where many students are studying here in Baguio and some of these students are foreigner. They are the good producer of agriculture and mining. Visitors are come to shop here in Baguio because of its cheap prices of the product but these products have a high quality. This city is the home of most profitable best investments areas. They have the major products which are vegetables, fruits and handmade products such as: brooms, baskets and many more.


Provinces and cities have their different amazing festivals that can proudly present and Baguio City has also their festivals. The most popular festival in this city is the Panagbenga Festival where many provinces are competing. It is held during the month of February. It is a flower festival and they called “season of blooming”. Also they have the Chinese New Year also in the month of February. It is very important to Chinese and people of Baguio considered it as one of their festivals to show respect.


Baguio has their traditional culture. Some of the population of this city re came from different countries and they contributed diversity of Baguio’s colorful culture. Artists are visiting the Baguio to establish their work especially in Cordillera Region. Some active youths are having their animations and digital arts. They have different language such as: English, Tagalog, Pangasinan, Ifugao, Ilocno, Kapampangan, Kankana-ey, Chinese and Korean. Because, recently many tourist are staying here for the rest of their lives.


Baguio City has also a good delicacy not only in the other places. One of these delicacies is the peanut brittle which is made out of peanut, sugar, and honey. Also they have the strawberry taho that you should try because it is good in taste. Sundot kulangot is also one; it is usually made out of calamay. And the most popular is the Benguet coffee; it is usually the native coffee of Cordillera province.


Landmarks of Baguio City is tradional and cultured such as: Burnham Park which is the choice of tourist to visit; Baguio Cathedral a majestic church; Session Road it is the popular road of Baguio; Camp John Hay also called “little America”; The Mansion, Wright Park also called “pool of mines”; Mines View Park it has amazing view of Benguet’s gold copper mines and the Cordillera mountains; Baguio Botanical Garden also known as the Igorot’s Village; Philippine Military Academy, Kennon Road it has many beautiful pine trees, water falls and wild flowers; Mount Santo Tomas, Lourdes Grotto, Bell Church, Tam-awan Village a reconstructed village, Asin Hot Springs, Wood Carver’s Village, Easter Weaving Room and Balatoc Mines and Crosby Park.

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