Saturday, April 21, 2012

Puerto Galera


A small and peaceful municipality of northeast coast of Mindoro is very popular destination here in our country. People come here from all over the country for its wonderful beaches and fun water activities. The little town has always been a trading haven even during the pre-Spanish era of its history. It is more fun in Puerto Galera, Philippines.


You will find several Filipino dishes being readily served on the island. The choices are practically limitless. Of course, you can also find Western dishes being served in resorts as well like: occasional hamburger and French fries; German, Italian, Swiss, Spanish, Italian and Austrian dishes; Asian delicacies like Chinese and Thai food.

Tourism and Adventures

There are actually many places that you can visit in Puerto Galera. First of all, you can visit White Beach and Sabang Beach. Many people flock to these resorts and beaches for some ocean fun. You can also visit the lush forests of the island and check out the water falls. The island also boasts of great diving spots with beautiful coral reefs.


Puerto Galera is known for its tropical climate and relatively high humidity. On the average, it has an annual humidity of 84.6%. One of the reasons, why the tourist are interested in puerto, it is because of the fine climate. There is no permanent dry season but the occasional typhoon that hits the province of Mindoro from July until mid-October brings heavy rainfall for three consecutive days followed by a couple of weeks of nice weather.

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