Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Laguna, Philippines

Brief History

Laguna is one of the largest provinces of the Philippines. It is found in Calabarzon region of Luzon. The capital of this province is the Santa Cruz. Laguna came from the Spanish word “lago” which means “lake” or “lagoon”. This province where Jose Rizal was born and they considered that this place is the Country’s national hero. It has 26 municipalities and 674 barangay’s


This province has many good places where you can relax and have bonding with your families with its beautiful views. One of these is the Rizal Shrine in Calamba City; it features the house of our national hero Jose Rizal. The Pagsanjan Falls which is also called Magdapio Falls. Mt. Makiling where you can find many hot springs such as: Hidden Valley Springs in Calauan, Crocodile Lake Springs, it is the City of springs, and also they have 8 mountains and 7 lakes that you will enjoy with its amazing views.


Laguna has different magnificient churches. St. John the Baptist Church it is one of the oldest church here in Laguna where Jose Rizal baptized. St. Polycarp Church is a catholic church. Transfiguration of Our Lord Catholic Church, St. Gregory Church, St. James the Apostle Church, San Pedro De Alcantara Church which is also known as the Diocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Turumba, Sto. Rosario Parish Church, Immaculate Conception Parish Church, and St. Paul the First Hermit Cathedral.


Laguna has mineral re sources like clay, basalt glass and jasper. This province also has natural resources. Its forest has planted of rattan, bamboo, and different kind of trees. It has wide fields and vested forest where they can plant rice, fruits, vegetables, coconuts, and exotic or ornamental flowers. And their greatest natural resources are water.


Laguna has different delicacies that you will enjoy. They have the buko pie, it is usually made out of young coconut; kesong puti which is made out of carabao milk and it is very nutritious. Buko pie and kesong puti are some of the best food in Laguna.

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